PEACE on EARTH Orgonite - 53mm Tower Buster

      2. peace earth tower buster 200pxThe chief reason that people make, sell and use orgonite is to transmute harmful electro magnetic radiation generated from radio transmitters such as wi-fi, bluetooth, cellphones, cordless telephones, baby monitors and all manner of other cordless devices, into non harmful energy. These Tower Busters can be placed near cell phone towers, powers sources and wi-fi nodes to minimise the negative affects of the electromagnetic energy.

        1. Orgonite is a matrix of metal particles suspended within an organic epoxy which sometimes includes natural quartz and other crystals.

        2. This combination of metallic particles, organic epoxy and quartz crystals exhibits benevolent properties which assist to transmute negative energy into healing energy.

        3. How is it made?

          PEACE on EARTH orgonite is made with a combination of organic epoxy, inorganic materials such as ferrous metals, alloys and crystals. A very important component that gives PEACE on EARTH orgonite its healing power is the healing intention I have imbued it with. It is true alchemy.

          At the time of making the orgonite I ask all those who would like to ensure the success of the product to play a role. I ask the spirit teachers, ascended masters, my angelic guides, the fairies, divas, elementals, ETs and everyone who is taking an interest in the well being, love and healing of the planet to energise the orgonite for the healing and well being of everyone and everything that comes in contact with it.

        4. What does it do?

          Orgonite utilises orgon energy (conscious energy) and crystals (conscious elementals) to transmute existing low frequency, negative, dirty or harmful energy into healing energy.

          How does it work?

          The physics of how orgonite transmutes harmful negative energy into helpful healing energy is yet to be established. One hypothesis is that the matrix rearranges the energy particles/waves as it flows through the orgonite. Orgonite doesn’t create energy because energy cannot be created or destroyed. Suffice to say that orgonite works at a quantum level. I believe the intention of the orgonite’s creator and user plays a pivotal role in the effectiveness of orgonite as a tool for healing.

      3. $12.50 each plus

      4. postage $8.25

      5. * DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy
      6. * POR (Positive Orgone Energy