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        Tower Busters and Pyramids

        1. The chief reason that people make, sell and use orgonite is to transmute harmful electro magnetic radiation generated from radio transmitters such as wi-fi, bluetooth, cellphones, cordless telephones, baby monitors and all manner of other cordless devices, into non harmful energy.

        What is orgonite?

        Alternating particles of organic and non-organic materials inside the epoxy resin supposedly increase the orgone concentration relative to the surrounding environment. Orgone energy is claimed to be the universal life force as documented by numerous experiments in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich. He called the energy orgone. This energy has been known throughout the ages as Chi, Prana, Spirit, Life Force and many other names. Modern science teaches that all matter is made of energy which means that everything, seen and unseen, is energy. Some energy can be harmful and some can be beneficial. Orgonite is said to change harmful energy into beneficial energy. The curious thing about orgone energy is that it's properties may change depending upon the intent of the orgonite's creator and users. "Science" currently has orgonite earmarked as pseudo science and "woo-woo" in much the same way early experimenters with electricity, bacteria and powered flight were thought to be wacko for acting and following up on their observations.

      2. How does it work?

      3. There are a few theories about how orgonite turns DOR* into POR*. These tower busters consist of 50% clear casting epoxy and 50% metallic shavings. The shavings are a mixture of steel, brass and aluminium and a single clear quartz crystal point is embedded within. The theory is that the DOR* is attracted to the natural epoxy and transmutes into POR* when they collide with one another and cancel each other out creating the new POR• as it flows through the matrix of metal shavings. The crystalline structure of the clear quartz, which is molecularly aligned and symmetrical, provides many more paths for the orgone to travel along with little resistance acting as a conduit for the POR* to exit the orgonite.
      4. *DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy *POR (Positive Orgone Energy)
      5. Orgonite® is the registered trademark of Karl Hanz Welz