Modern news channels think we have to be aware of every problem on the planet. They search the planet for the worst stories, add  music and pipe them into our living rooms. Wrestling with the endless bad news erodes the soul. Like storm waters that wear down rock, modern news channels barrage the public with a never ending menu of toxic trivia, political argument, fear, hate and disunity. Better to find happier sources of news where the stories focus on good news, unified communities, generosity, appreciation, harmony, well being, spirit and love.

Good news is good for the soul and provides time out to process this dysfunctional planet with less emotional impact.


Move over Six O'clock News. Peace on Earth Club will focus on uplifting events relating to the greater good of humanity and the planet. We'll report on things pertaining to Peace on Earth and publish them right here.

When enough people are dedicated to a cause the momentum of their intent has power. Let's redirect the power currently being focused on fear, war, terror and other bad news events and focus our intent on appreciation and gratitude for the planet, nature and humanity.

There are scientific studies, duplicated and verified, that report community and global consciousness or thought, can affect outside events. Just watching someone receive a hug at a distance can cause the body to release oxytocin which is a feel good hormone and when meditating monks focused on high crime areas in the United States those cities enjoyed documented change for the better. These thought experiments have been repeated and proven. Good thoughts and deeds bring about change for the better.

It is the intention of the PEACE on EARTH Club to share insights like these and other news items that benefit the planet and humanity for the greater good.

Let's share stories that put a smile on your dial.

It's time to tip the scales in favour of Good News rather than the stuff being served up by the regular bad news broadcasters. 

Mark Christian Shaw